As the administrator do I enter the class via Moodle or the WizIQ site?

As the administrator do I enter the class via Moodle or the WizIQ site?

You can choose to launch your class from Moodle event calendar or from WizIQ.
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    • Does the integration or use of WizIQ live class module in Moodle cost me?

      WizIQ Live Class module for Moodle is available free of cost. This module is available as an activity in Moodle. You can download our module from this link and get them installed.
    • For which versions of Moodle the WizIQ live class module has been tested on?

      WizIQ Live Class module has been tested for version 1.7 on wards. You can download appropriate packages for your installed version of Moodle from our website or from Moodle.
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      Hello and welcome to this video tutorial. In this video, you will see how you could schedule a live class in WizIQ. So the very first step is, to log into the platform as an online instructor. The moment you log in, on the top left you will see a ...