How do I add or change my profile picture on WizIQ and make it appear clear?

How do I add or change my profile picture on WizIQ and make it appear clear?

You need to follow a few simple steps to add or change your profile picture on WizIQ.

    1. Go to your profile.
    2. In the General Information section, click on ‘Edit Picture’ link.
    3. Browse to the location where your picture is saved on your system. Select it and click on the ‘Save’ button.

      You need to make sure that you upload a picture of allowed file types only (JPG, JPEG, GIF andPNG) and dimensions for good quality. Please remember if you already have a picture saved in your profile, remove it first and then upload a new one following the same steps described above.

      You can make your picture appear clear by choosing a picture of allowed dimensions (96 x 96 pixels) as standardized by WizIQ. If your picture does not match these dimensions, WizIQ automatically resizes your picture to fit the standard dimensions set by it. As a result, you picture may get fuzzy or stretched.

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