How to Attend a Live Class

How to Attend a Live Class

Hello and welcome to this video tutorial. In this video, we will see how you may attend a live class as a learner, in WizIQ.

Once you (the learner) has been invited to a live class by the instructor, you will receive an email notification. (The instructor will see that this particular student has enrolled and he/she will view the class using this notification).

As learner opens up the email, he/she will have an option of viewing the class. To get started with the live class, the learner will have to click on enroll and log in using the credentials which have been shared with by the instructor.

The moment learner logs in to the platform he/she will find this option of ‘Launch’- launching the class as a learner. Let's go ahead and launch this class now. So this is a landing page for that a learner sees, wherein you may see the list of activities which have been uploaded into the classroom by the instructor. Right now, the video of the instructor is off, but if it is on, then you will be able to view that. So let me enable this video so that you may see how as a learner you may view the live presenter. So now, you see the live video of the presenter on the top left-hand side of the screen. Just below the video, you have an option where you may communicate with the teacher or the instructor using the live chat. You may either type your question in the ‘Class Conversation’, or you could also send a private message to the instructor.

On the main screen, you will see the workspace area where the teacher has already uploaded a presentation. In case the teacher has given you the writing control, then you will get access to control the workspace in the classroom.

So once the instructor gives the writing control, a learner is also able to participate in the live classroom. The learner has the writing controls and he/she has the option to start changing the slide on the screen.

Alternatively, in case the learner wants to draw something using the whiteboard, then they have an option of doing the same. At the top, you may see this lecture is being recorded. That is why this recording button is blinking. The ‘Microphone’ and the ‘Camera’ options are off for this student, so that is why it is being shown as red.

However, if the instructor grants the audio video-controls to the learner, then both these icons will turn green. Now the learner’s microphone and webcam have been enabled by the instructor. In case both the teacher’s as well as the student’s videos are on, then the videos are going to be placed on the screen in form of small circles.

As a learner, you may keep track of time as to how much time has already been covered and how much is still left. Learner has an option to raise your hand and send your queries to the live instructor. The moment learner raises hand they get a message- ‘Waiting for the Acknowledgement’. Now, as soon as the instructor acknowledges the request, you will be notified that the raise hand request has been acknowledged.

Now depending on the instructor he/she may allow you to speak or directly respond to your query. You may also do the screen-sharing in case the presenter has allowed you the writing access. This is the ‘People’ tab from where learner could see the list of other participants who are present in the live session.

Lets summarize the steps again. Once the instructor has enrolled a particular student into a live class, that learner will receive a notification. He will click on ‘View Class’ option, log into the platform using his credentials and then he will click on ‘Launch’ class.

Thank you so much for watching this video tutorial.