How to Attend a Scheduled Course in WizIQ

How to Attend a Scheduled Course in WizIQ

Hello and welcome to this video tutorial. In this tutorial video, we will see how you may attend as scheduled course as a learner in WizIQ.

So the moment a learner have been enrolled in a scheduled course by the instructor, he/she will receive an email notification informing that you have been enrolled to a course and with the option to navigate to the course.

Once learners click on this option they will land on the courses page wherein, they will see the ‘Overview’, ‘Course Highlights’ and the entire ‘Schedule’ which has been created by the instructor.

Learners may also contact the instructor by email. After logging in, on the right-hand side learners will find the option of ‘Start Learning’. The completion is 0% (the percentage will keep changing as learners keep completing the sections of the course).

To see the entire schedule, learners have to click on the ‘Schedule’ button. On the right-hand side, learners will see ‘Lock’ icons, which mean, that they will have to consume the course content sequentially. The asterisk mark which is visible here denotes that this particular activity is a mandatory activity within the course. This means of all these activities will need to be completed by the learner, to get a course completion certificate.

Learners may click on ‘New Discussion’, enter the ‘Title’ of the discussion, add tags (in case it is required), also add a description to the discussion topic and finally ‘Submit’.

Once done, the discussion topic will get listed under the tab of ‘Discussion Forum,’ and multiple students may ‘Respond’ or ‘Comment’ to the discussion.

Now, let us get started with the ‘Learning’ screen. So when the learner clicks on the ‘start learning’ option, then they land on the consumption page of the course. Here the learner may start accessing the activities which have been uploaded as per the course schedule.

So in a PowerPoint Presentation in the course, learners may maximize the screen and start accessing the content.  They also have an option wherein they can zoom in or zoom out on a particular slide. In case the trainer has allowed the download access to download the document, a learner may download it. One by one, the learner starts consuming the content.

If a test is a part of the course, the learners see the basic instruction in the opening screen, note the passing score which has been defined by the instructor, and on the top right the option to ‘Start Test’.
This is a MCQ type of test, wherein learners have to choose the correct answer amongst many options given. Once done learners submit the test.

Immediately after the submission of the test, a comprehensive scorecard is published with the total number of marks scored, rank, total number of seconds taken, correct answers and wrong answers and the percentile.

In case the instructor has allowed the ‘Review’ option, learners can browse through their right and wrong answers. So here learners will see which questions they answered correctly and which they are answered incorrectly.

Once reviewed, click on ‘Done’ and close the scorecard. The next content here, is meant for April 18th and even if the learner clicks on this content, he/she will not be able to access it because today is April 17th.

It means that within a scheduled course, learner can only access the content which is meant for today or the past, but not future.

If in case there is an assignment which has been assigned by the instructor then, on the top right, learner will see an option of ‘Submit’ (submitting) an assignment. With this option learners will be able to browse the completed assignment file, upload it, and adding a custom message. Once they have uploaded the content and added the comments, they should click on ‘Submit Assignment’ to complete the activity. Once the assignment is submitted, the following message ‘Assignment submitted successfully’ is displayed.

When learner completes the course, he/she will get the, ‘View Certificate’ which is downloadable.Within the certificate, learners will find their name, the course completed, the organization which has offered this course, logo, and the date on which the course has been completed by the learner.

Thank you so much for watching this video I hope that this video will help you to attend an online scheduled course as a learner in WizIQ.

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