How to Attend a Self-paced Course in WizIQ

How to Attend a Self-paced Course in WizIQ

Hello and welcome to this video tutorial. In this video, we will see how you can attend a self-paced online course in WizIQ. The moment the trainer/instructor has enrolled a learner in a specific course, then you will receive an email notification. You must click on the notification, and you will get an option of exploring the course.Then you will land on a page where it will give you an option of enrolling. Click on ‘Enroll Now’ button and login using your credentials.

Once learner has logged in, he/she will see an option of ‘Start Learning’ this course.On the left-hand side, learner sees the entire overview of the program, as well as the profiles of the trainers who are delivering this course. If learner click on ‘Schedule’, he/she shall see what is the structure and timing of the course.

There are ‘locks’ (icons) corresponding to different activities, which suggests that learners will have to complete the activities one-by-one to go to the next levels (of content). Discussion forum is open for this course. So if learners feel that they want to post something on the discussion forum, then they can do the same by clicking on the bottom right discussion option.

Learners have the option to add the information in the description box and they could also attach a file if needed. On submitting, others have an option that they can respond or comment to this particular discussion.

Now let's go back to the overview, learners can start the learning process by clicking on the option- ‘Start Learning’. Learners can start consuming the content slides one-by-one.

Learners could maximize, or minimize the content, as well as use the - and + magnifying glass icon. By using the (block icon), learners may restore the screen to the original layout. On the left-hand side there is a section-wise schedule, where all the activities happen and are defined sequentially. These activities should be consumed one-by-one.

In case the instructor/presenter/ trainer has allowed learners the access to download the content then the ‘Download’ content option is shown here. ‘Self Assessment’  is the last activity in this particular course, wherein learners see that passing score is 50% and to get started with the assessment they will have to get started by clicking on ‘Start Test’.

So one-by-one they need to choose all the answers options corresponding to every question and finally submit the assessment. Immediately after the submission of the assessment, they will be able to see their scorecard with the score, rank, total number of seconds to minutes taken, highest score, lowest score and so on; and near the bottom, section-wise reports as well as the percentile is reported.

In case the instructor has allowed the access to review, learners can review the assessment. Once done, learners may click on ‘Done’ to close the assessment window.

Whenever learners are accessing the course and have some doubts, they have an option of contacting the instructor. If they click on ‘Contact Instructor’ they will be able to directly send an email to the instructor.

A successful completion of course means:
The learner has gone through the entire program and content files of the course
  • The learner has scored the minimum desired percentages in the quizzes and assessments mandated by the instructor
On satisfying these criteria learner will be given a certificate, downloadable from the course, and they will see that the course completion is 100% percent. Now, if learner click on the certificate - they will be able to view his/her name, the course which he/she completed, the training academy or instructor’s name, their logo and the date of completion.

Thank you so much for watching this video tutorial. I hope that this video will help you to attend a self-paced online course in WizIQ.

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