How to Schedule a Live Class in WizIQ

How to Schedule a Live Class in WizIQ

Hello and welcome to this video tutorial.

In this video, you will see how you could schedule a live class in WizIQ. So the very first step is, to log into the platform as an online instructor. The moment you log in, on the top left you will see a ‘‘Menu’ option, and there you will find the option ‘Live Classes’.

In the live class’s page you see the list of sessions you have already created, and if you check the bottom right, there is an option of creating a class. Click on ‘Create a Class’ to schedule a live session.

Now you see a very basic field in the beginning which says ‘Title’. The next option is ‘Subtitle’. The ‘Subtitle’ could be a tagline, which you would want to associate with the session.

Next, there is an option of choosing the date and time. If you are creating a session for the current time, you should select this option. If you want to create a session for a future date and time, then you should select the date. Let's say that I want to do a session, on 30th of April.

Next, you must choose a time for which you want to schedule the session. You may also choose a ‘timezone’ depending on which country you are from.

The next option is ‘About the Class’. Now whenever you are going to create a session as an instructor, it is critical that you mention the class details so that your learners are already aware, as to what you are going to cover as an instructor within the live session. Further down, you will see that there are two options for ‘Who can attend’. The first option opens the class to all the visitors and the registered users of the Academy. Which means you want to create a session which is public in nature, and anyone may attend your Academy. It may be a new visitor, or it may be a registered user. They will be able to access your online class.

Then, you shall see what kind of class it is - is it a free class or a paid class? If it is a free class, then you should choose this option, and if it is a paid class, then you should define how much do you want to charge for your live lecture. You may choose among different currencies depending on which country you are from.

Next, there is an option called ‘Recording’. If you want to capture your lecture recording, then you should choose this option as ‘Yes’. There is an option to add class logo so in case you want to attach a logo to the live session you have an option of doing the same.

So now you see that the logo is visible on the screen. Then the next action is ‘Allow attendees to enter without signup’. So, do you want your users to enter into the class directly or do you want them to sign up on your training portal; so that is a choice which you will have to make. Now, if you are creating a private class, then all the settings which were visible for the public sessions will get disabled. Now, you can decide the class duration, how many attendees you want to entertain in your live class, and you may define the number here. As far as the class duration is concerned, you have the option to conduct online lecture for up to 5 hours in a stretch.

Next, what is the language of instruction? It may be chosen from the drop down provided after the duration field. Moreover, in case you have multiple teachers and multiple trainers, then you may also select someone as your co-instructor who will help you in delivering the live lecture.

Now, once you have defined all the settings, you have to click on ‘Schedule and Continue’. The moment you click on ‘Schedule and Continue’, you will get a message informing that your class has been created successfully.

After the class is created, you must click on the refresh page option once, and you will be able to find your recently created classes, under ‘Live and Upcoming’ category. If you click on the title, then, you will see the entire overview of the session. You will also see the logo which you uploaded while you were scheduling the session. At the bottom, you will see your profile.

On the right-hand side, you will see the summary of the session as to on which date and time the class will go live, and also the language of instruction. Moreover, you will see the ‘Launch Class’ option using which you will get started with your session.

Thank you so much for watching this video tutorial. I hope this video will be very helpful for you, to get started with live classes in WizIQ.

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