I have created my profile. What all should I highlight in it?

I have created my profile. What all should I highlight in it?

The more you say about yourself on your profile, more people get to know about you and more members contact you for their learning needs. Teachers with complete profiles are more likely to receive teaching opportunities. 

Here are some of the areas you should highlight on your Profile:

    1. Name - Includes your first name and last name.
    2. Professional headline - This area can be used as a tagline to express your personal brand or how you want to be known (e.g., Chemistry Teacher of 10th and 12th grade).
    3. Write about yourself - Allows you to expand upon your Professional headline or mission statement goals and includes sections for specialties, your professional accomplishments, and goals.
    4. Teaching and Training Experience – Allows you to add your current and past teaching experience to showcase your skills and expertise.
    5. Subject and Levels - Allows you to share with members the subjects and topics that interest you. These might be the subjects that you don’t teach but interested in. We will use these to connect you with other WizIQ members.
    6. Education - Allows you to show your schools, educational experiences and give members an insight into your academic qualifications, honors and awards.
    7. Certification or Credentials – Allows you to mention your teaching or other certifications/credentials to let members know more about your competencies.
    8. Professional Exams – Allows you to have additional professional certifications you have earned or acquired, like Professional Staff Certificate, Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).
    9. Professional Experience – Allows you to add experiences in your professional career other than as a teacher like a Certified Public Accountant.
    10. Association & Awards – Allows you to list your memberships or associations with recognized organizations. Like a member of National Association for Young Children (US).
    11. Publication and Research – Allows you to showcase your expertise by publishing the references and links of your research papers, and publications on to the web.
    12. Blog and Website – Allows you to mention web-links for your blog and website.
    13. Rates & Teaching Preference
    14. Interests – Allows you to add your interests, or your favorite pastimes like reading fiction to let like-minded members contact you.
    15. Personal Information - Allows you to share optional personal information like: Phone numbers, Address, IM (Instant Message), Birthday and Marital status.
    16. PayPal Account – Allows you to add your PayPal account email id to receive payments for your invoices on PayPal.
    17. Testimonials – Allows you to add feedback that your students leave after the class - builds trust amongst the students.
    18. Customized profile URL - You can choose to have a profile URL with the keyword you like such as your name. It will look like: WizIQ.com/YourName. Simply click on the ‘Create Profile Link Now,’ on your profile page.

      To learn more, click here: https://www.wiziq.com/tutorial/55461-Creating-a-Teachers-profile

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