System, Bandwidth and Network Requirements

System, Bandwidth and Network Requirements

We recommend all users to ensure that they are meeting the minimum requirements mentioned below for WizIQ Virtual Classroom prior to their first live session.

Hardware requirements

We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer with (at least) 4GB of memory and a 2Ghz processor for the best experience. Below are OS-wise minimum requirements.


1.4GHz Intel® I3 or faster processor (or equivalent) for Windows 7 or Windows 8, Windows10 

4 GB or above of RAM recommended for Windows 7 or Windows 8, Windows10;

Mac OS 

1.83GHz Intel Core ™ Duo or faster processor 

4 GB or above of RAM 


Ubuntu 10.04, 11.04 or latest; Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 1.4GHz Intel® Pentium® 4 or faster processor 

2GB or above  RAM   

Chrome OS 

Chrome Book


An updated version of the operating system available for your device  is recommended and  below are the minimum requirement

Apple devices: iOS 10 and above
Andriod devices : 8.0 and above 

Browser Requirements

Desktop/Laptop:  An updated version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. We recommend using Google Chrome
NOTE: You can use Safari on Mac OS X, but you will not be able to access the screen sharing feature.

Mobile/Tablets : An updated version  of OS,Safari for IOS devices and google chrome for andriod.
NOTE : Mobile use is recommended for students only, Tablets can be used by teachers with limited features.

Ports & IP's which need to be open 

We recommend opening all mentioned ports, IP's as well as whitelist domains for the best experience in restricted or closed networks such as universities, schools, offices. You may go ahead and share the below details with your organization's IT Team.

Best  Experience
Open TCP and UDP port 443, 80, 3478, 3480 and UDP ports 1025 - 65535 for inbound and outbound traffic to the following IPs.

Mandatory - add below in whitelist for HTTPS and web socket requests.


Scantron Pre/Post Testing requirements : Pop-up blockers need to be disabled

Internet Speed Requirements

*Other features include live chat, whiteboard, content sharing (ppt, doc etc).

 Mbps = Megabytes per second

 Speed calculation: Speed test result you will get on any speedtest site is in megabits per second. To calculate the actual speed in Megabytes divide the speeds by 8

 Sites for speed test : or

 Eg . My speed test result is 8 mbps download and 4 mbps upload. This result is megabits per second. My result is megabytes for download will come 8/8 = 1 megabyte and for upload 4/8 = 0.5 megabyte