What is WizIQ Online Academy?

What is WizIQ Online Academy?

WizIQ Online Academy is a complete and innovative solution for your teaching and training needs, which gives you absolute control and ownership of your brand and enterprise. 

  • Online academy provides you with the right platform and tools to build your own academy within minutes and scale up operations as your online presence and business needs grow.
  • Online Academy is for everyone – you could be the owner of a teaching organization with multiple teachers, an individual teacher, or simply someone who has just started exploring the online education space. 
  • As an administrator of your academy, you can add and manage multiple teacher accounts, create and deliver online courses, conduct live classes and do much more. 
  • Online Academy allows you to build your unique brand identity and expand. It’s an integrated solution which obviates the need for different teaching solutions. 

To know more about Online Academy, read our blog. You can also check out our Online Academy Plans & Pricing.

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