Housekeeping Activities in a Scheduled Course

            Hello and welcome to this video tutorial. In this video, we will see how users can perform housekeeping activities for a scheduled course in WizIQ.

            So the very first step is that you will log into the platform as an instructor. Post login, instructors see the list of courses which have already been created. Lets select a scheduled course for the next steps. In case you want to make certain changes, click on edit to find the settings which have already been defined during the course creation.

            Let's say an instructor wants to make the course paid instead of a free course. Instructors could also change the co-instructors if required, and may change ‘Enforce Sequencing’ and discussion settings.

            Post making a change in these settings; click on ‘Next’. Under the course curriculum, if instructors wants to add a new activity, they should perform the desired action (adding documents, files, live class) and then go to the final step (click on ‘Next’).

            After making changes to the “Course Profile” section, finally click on ‘Save’. After saving the course, click on ‘Refresh Page’, immediately the changes will be visible in the particular course.

            Now let us see how as an instructor enrolls students in a scheduled course. For that, we will click on ‘People’ tab. There are two options here, first is the ‘Copy and share this link.’ This is a unique URL for the course which may be either shared over email or the social networking websites.

            [This link helps the users] get access to the course. They can sign up, and start consuming the course. On ‘Enroll new’ instructors will find three different settings here. First is ‘By Email’ so if instructors want to enroll students one by one they should choose this option.

            If the academy has registered users from which instructors want to select the learners, then they may directly choose the learners from the list and click on ‘Enroll’.

            If there are huge numbers of learners to enroll into the course then instructor could download the CSV template, copy and paste their names and email ids, drag and drop the file in the blank space. After clicking enroll, the corresponding students will get enrolled in the course.

            Now in all of these three activities, whenever the enrollment is happening each one of the enrolled participants will be receiving an email notification so that they are aware that they have been enrolled in a specific course.

            For now, we will choose the people from the list, and enroll them. On refreshing the page, we see that all of those three users have been enrolled in the course successfully.

            In case instructor wants to remove somebody from the course they will have to select the names from the list, and click on ‘Unenroll’.  Instructor can also download the entire course report in the form of an excel sheet. Instructor can track their (course) ‘Completion Percentages’, (course) ‘Completion Status’, the ‘Enrolled On’ date on which they were enrolled, and ‘Enrollment Status’.

            On ‘Export CSV’, the entire information will be visible in the form of an excel sheet, as well. So the first field is a Name, Email id, Completion Status, Completion Percentage, ‘Enrolled On’ date of enrolment, and enrollment status.

            Instructors can also view the discussions; in case a learner has posted within the discussion forum.
            If required instructor may track assignments by clicking on the ‘Assignment’ tab, and then on the title of the assignment. Instructors have the visibility as to how many users have submitted, how many users have yet to submit the assignment.

            In the present screen the submission is zero percent, which means none of the enrolled students have submitted the assignment. Once the course gets over, the details are available in the ‘Past’ section.

            Thank you so much for watching this video tutorial. I hope that this video will help you in editing the course, enrolling the learners into a course, and keeping track of the respective reports.
            Updated: 23 Apr 2018 08:39 PM
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