Housekeeping Activities: Tests in WizIQ | Tracking Reports on Tests

            Welcome to this video tutorial. In this video, we will see, how you may perform housekeeping activities for an online test in WizIQ.

            The first step is to, log into the platform as an instructor. Once done, click the top-left ‘Menu’ option, and click on ‘Test’. The list of tests are displayed under ‘Published’, those unpublished in ‘Drafts’, and those that have been published on earlier dates, in the ‘Past’ section.

            To make changes to a test, instructors should click on that particular test, and click on ‘Edit.’ They will see the setting options where they may change the ‘Title’, ‘Description’, and ‘Instructions’. In case they want to change any ‘Basic Settings’, they may do that in this tab. For example, if the instructors want to have ‘Negative Marking’, and the negative marking should be 50% they will edit it in this tab. If they do not want to have any ‘Time Duration’ for this test and keep the time unlimited, they may edit it here.

            In step number 2, if instructors want to add more questions, they should click on ‘Add Question’.  Let's say I want to create  fill in the blanks in this case (click on ‘Fill in the Blanks’). In the first field, instructors have to enter the question title. The second field will allow users to fill in the blank with their answers. Under the ‘Validation’ instructors must  specify the correct answer choice so that the system detects the response when a learner chooses the correct/incorrect response.

            On clicking ‘Create’, ‘A fill in the blank assessment type gets added as a part of this test.’ After adding questions, click on ‘Next’ and ‘Publish’ the test again. Immediately, instructors will get a message saying that the ‘Test has been published successfully’.

            For tracking the report of any particular assessment, there is an option displayed as ‘Result’. By clicking on ‘Result’ instructors will see
            i) the total number of students who have given this test
            ii) the date of test attempt
            iii) the total number of test attempts made by students, and
            iv) their percentile and score.

            On the top-right, there is an option to download a test report. There are two fields in test report - One is the ‘Test Summary’, and another one is the ‘Test Score Sheet’. Under the ‘Test Summary’, the ‘Course Name’, the ‘Test Title’, and the date on which it was created is displayed. If any changes were made to the test, it will show the modification date, and the day on which the assessment was downloaded.

            Similarly, there are many other fields, (such as Total Questions in a test, Negative Marking, Maximum Possible Score, among many others) which are displayed upfront. On the ‘Test Score Sheet’ is the list of all the participants who have given the test. Here, the student’s email ids, the country they are from, the total number of attempts made and the total number of questions is recorded.

            On the extreme right is displayed, how many questions students have attempted. In case they were able to pass the examination, they will be able to find a passing criteria here (on the sheet). Instructors may also track section wise reports - which means, if they have created multiple sections within a single test, then corresponding to every user, instructors will see section-wise reporting of the sections.

            The passing and the failing criteria will be visible in the test report, only if instructors have defined it while adding the test within a particular course.

            If instructors have made multiple revisions to a single assessment, they also track revision wise report from here (tab ‘Revision’). There is just one option here which means that they have not made any modifications to this particular assessment.

            Thank you so much for watching this video tutorial. I hope that this video will help you to edit an existing assessment, as well as tracking their respective reports.
            Updated: 26 Apr 2018 04:41 PM
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