Housekeeping Activities: WizIQ Live Class

            Hello and welcome to this video tutorial. In this video, you will see how to perform housekeeping activities for a Live Class in WizIQ.

            The very first step is that you will log into the platform as an instructor. Once you login, you will go to the top left Menu option, and there you will find the ‘Live Classes’ tab. Now, let’s say, if I want to edit my class, then you will see there is an ‘Edit Class’ option. I see the form wherein I may make the desired changes. Now let's say I want to conduct my session on 18th of April instead of 30th of April.

            Similarly, I could change ‘About the Class’ information or I may change the duration, recording, logo, timings, total number of attendees, whom I want to entertain in my live class. Once I am done with all the changes, I will click on ‘Update and Continue’. So I get this message, informing that ‘Changes to the class have been saved successfully. Please refresh the Classes page to view the live class in the live class list’. So I will close the window and refresh the page once, and now you see that instead of 30th of April, the date has now changed to 18th of April.

            Now let’s see how I as an instructor, will enroll my students into my upcoming live class. So I will click on the title of the class session. Once I go inside the classroom, you will see there is a ‘People’ tab. Under the ‘People’ tab, you will see there are two options ‘Enroll New’ and ‘Share Class Link’. If I click on ‘Share Class Link’ you will see there is a URL which has been created for this particular session. You must copy the URL and share it with the students over the email, or you could share it on any of the social networking websites. If somebody clicks on the link, he or she could sign up on your education portal, and that is how he/she will get access to the live session.

            Now, the other option is to ‘Enroll New’. Once I click on ‘Enroll New’ you will see that there are three different ways in which I could enroll my students in a live class. The first option is ‘By Email’ so if I already have the name and email of the user, then I may type that information here and click on ‘Enroll’ and immediately the user will get a notification informing him that he has been enrolled into a specific class.

            Now if you already have a list of attendees, who are registered with your training academy, then you could also enroll them from the existing list. For example, if I select students already registered to the academy, they get added to the live class. Moreover, you could keep on adding more students here. Once you are done, click on ‘Enroll,’ to enroll the learners to the live class

            Each one of the invited or enrolled students will get an email notification, and from there they will be able to join the live session. Moreover, the last option is ‘Upload New List’.

            Now imagine that you have a large group of users whom you want to enroll in your live class session. So, you may download this CSV template. In this template there are two columns - one is ‘Name,’ and the other one is ‘Email’. Now, I will fill up the information here. Let’s say that I have 500 students, I will copy and paste their names and email id’s here. Then I will upload the excel sheet using the option ‘Upload New List.’

            I could also drag and drop the file and click on enroll, and all the users who are present in that list will be receiving an email notification informing them that they have been enrolled into a specific class. So, when I click on ‘Enroll’ immediately you will see that a pop-up window will inform the instructor that ‘3 learners enrolled in the class’.

            I need to hit on ‘Refresh Page’ once to see my enrolled students. These three students are enrolled in the class when they get listed under the ‘People’ list. Once the class is over, I have an option to download the entire attendance report in the form of an excel sheet. If I click on the excel sheet, you should be able to see all the information that will be displayed out here. Such as Name, Email ID, Enrollment Status; now, because this class is a future class, nothing is mentioned in the ‘Minutes Attended’ column. You could also track the of minutes attended by each one of these students. Such as, what were their login and logout timings? If you had given them the ‘view access’ of the recording, then how many views have they had.

            If you have given them the access downloading of the recording, then you could check how many downloads learners have downloaded. So this is the entire information which you could download and save in the form of an excel sheet.

            Now let's have a look at how you as an instructor could cancel an upcoming live class. For this, you will go to the class, and here you will find an option to ‘Cancel’ – which is for canceling the Live Class.  If I click on ‘Cancel’, the platform prompts, “Do you want to cancel this Live Class?’ Now, once I click on ‘Yes, Cancel’ then immediately I will get a message, that the ‘Class has been canceled successfully’.

            Now I will go back to my ‘Live Classes’ list, and I will refresh the page once, and you will see that this class will not be visible under ‘Live and Upcoming’ tab. Now this means that my live class has been canceled successfully.

            Thank you so much for watching this video tutorial I hope that you will find this video very useful regarding editing a class, enrolling students in the class, and canceling a live class.

            Thank you.

            Updated: 12 Apr 2018 05:26 PM
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