How to White-label the WizIQ Academy

            Hello and welcome to this video tutorial in this video we will see how you may white label your Academy as an administrator of the platform.

            So the very first step is that you will log into the platform as an administrator. Next, go to the top left menu, and click on ‘Academy Settings’. Within the ‘Academy Settings’ the very first option is ‘General Settings’. By clicking on the General Settings tab, the first option is ‘Allow Self Registration’ in the Academy.

            In case the admin wants more and more users to sign up in the Academy, then he/she may keep this option as ‘Yes’. In case they do not want any external user to get access to the Academy, then the admin may keep this option as ‘No’.

            The second option here states should the users enter their phone numbers while they are signing up for the training academy?  Again admin has the option of selecting Yes or No.

            Admin also has an option of choosing the color theme. Admin may select two levels of colors here. The first one is the primary color, and the other is the secondary color and on the right-hand side is the ‘Theme preview’.

            Further, admin has an option to upload a custom logo. So the logo of the organization may be added here. Choose the design dimensions which are 150x 50 pixels to get the best result. Admin may also upload the Academy FAVicon as well as a custom banner so that whenever users log into the Academy, they are able to see the custom image that has been uploaded here.

            Again on the right-hand side, admin will see the desired dimensions which are required. Down below, admin may also add a title and subtitle to present the purpose of the academy, and it is also a good practice to provide the ‘About the Academy’ information.

            Last but not the least, admins have an option of choosing the currency. Therefore, in case the academy has paid courses listed in the courses catalog, they may choose the currency from here depending upon which country’s audience the academy is built for..

            Thank you so much for watching this video tutorial. I hope that this short video will help you too quickly white label the platform in WizIQ.

            Updated: 26 Apr 2018 02:38 PM
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