How to Customize/White-label an Academy in WizIQ


            Personalizing your e-learning environment, that is, your academy is very important. It ensures a consistent appearance of all the classes and courses in your academy, along with a superior learner engagement and enhanced retention of information available in your academy.

            You can personalize your academy by applying the branding and theming of your institute or organization. Branding establishes your corporate identity and renders a consistent look and feel to your academy. From showcasing the vision or values of your academy to engaging all the visitors and prospective learners from the outset, branding helps you position yourself the way you might expect to be viewed by your learners. While theming enables you to apply the same colors to the layout of all your courses or classes, all the UI controls, such as buttons, hyperlinks, and user input fields, among others.

            To this end, WizIQ offers you several options to personalize your academy as per your needs and preferences.

            Customizing General Academy Settings

            This section explains the default customization settings available to all users irrespective of their pricing plans.

            Remember: You must be logged in as an administrator to personalize your academy.


            Enable this setting if you want all the visitors or registered learners in your academy to be able to self-enroll in all the courses available in your academy. If you enable self-enrollment in your academy, your courses and live classes become public and the visitors to your academy need not get registered to access a course. After the visitors self-enroll themselves in a course, they automatically get registered in your academy.

            Here's a simple way to know whether to switch this setting ON or OFF: if you want learners to be able to self-sign up for your courses and live classes (say when you want to sell your courses and want people to discover your them over the Internet), switch this setting ON. If you would not like anyone to be able to sign up for your courses and live classes on their own (say you want only your employees or other internal audiences to use your academy), switch this setting to OFF.
            Remember that if you have self-enrollment ON, you can still create courses and live classes that are not displayed to the public and can privately enroll learners. Read this article to understand the "visibility" settings of courses.

            To enable or disable self-enrollment, select the desired option from

            • > Academy Settings > General Settings > Allow self-enrollment in the Academy .

            By default, self-enrollment is enabled.

            Color Theme

            Customize the color theme of the UI controls and content in your academy by selecting the desired primary and secondary colors from the options available. You can also specify the hex code of the desired colors to specify the color theme.

            To specify the color theme, select the desired options from

            • > Academy Settings > General Settings > Color theme .

            Alternatively, enter the hex code of the desired colors in the Primary color and Secondary color boxes.

            Academy Logo, Favicon, and Banner

            Upload the academy logo, favicon, and banner to match your brand.

            To upload a logo and favicon, navigate to the appropriate files using the options:

            • > Academy Settings --> General Settings > Academy Logo > Upload

            • > Academy Settings > General Settings > Academy Favicon > Upload

            • > Academy Settings > General Settings > Academy Banner > Upload

            For optimum results, you must upload a 150*50 pixels academy logo in the .png format, 32*32 pixels academy favicon in the .ico format, and 1800*550 pixels academy banner in the .jpg or .png format.

            Academy Heading and Tagline

            Specify the academy heading and tagline.

            To specify the academy heading and tagline, use the following options:

            • > Academy Settings > General Settings > Academy Heading

            • > Academy Settings > General Settings > Academy Tagline

            Remember: Your must specify alphabetical academy heading and tagline without any special characters.

            About Academy

            Provide an overview of your academy.

            To specify your academy overview, go to > Academy Settings > General Settings > About Academy .

            Applying Miscellaneous White-labeling Options

            Besides the customization options available to you out-of-the-box, WizIQ offers you an extensive array of options to completely white-label and customize your academy.

            The following customizations are available on a request basis for the Enterprise pricing plan.

            URL Masking and Academy Sub-domain

            Mask your academy URL and create a white-labelled sub-domain of your brand.

            By default, your academy name is also your sub-domain.

            Pre-login Academy CSS Customization and Academy Header

            Customize the appearance of the pre-login landing page and screens – Home, Catalog, Class/Course Details, and About Us, among others. Further, customize the links in the header area.

            Payment Gateway

            Configure a desired payment gateway for all monetary transactions.

            Outgoing Mail Server and Email Notification Template Customizations

            Create a completely branded experience for your learners by using your own SMTP server for outgoing email notifications. Also, customize the templates of email notifications that are sent out to indicate various events – new learner enrollment, successful payment update, academy registration, and class cancellation, among others.

            Course Completion Certificate Template

            Customize the template of course completion certificate to be awarded to learners after they successfully complete their courses. To customize the template, you can specify custom text and background image.

            These options help you to completely white-label your academy that represents the branding of your institute or organization.

            Updated: 26 Apr 2018 04:47 PM
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