Housekeeping Activities in a Self-paced Course

Housekeeping Activities in a Self-paced Course

Hello and welcome to this video tutorial. In this video, we will see how you can perform housekeeping activities for a self-paced course in WizIQ.

So in the very first step user will log into the platform as an instructor. Once they login, they will find the list of courses which they have already created. They may choose the course wherein they want to make any changes. Once they open up the course, they will find an option of ‘Edit Course’.

Once they click on ‘Edit Course’ instructor shall see a screen where they can make  the desired changes. For example, instructor can change this course to a paid course, assign a price to it. Now once they make it a paid course, by default, it will become visible to all the learners on the pre-login page of the academy. Once done, you can go to ‘Next’. In the second step, instructors may choose to add more activities. The activity could be a file, or a recorded lecture or an assessment.

In case instructors want to add more sections or modules they can click on ‘Add Section’. The last step is defining the course metadata. If instructors want to make some changes here, they can do that and click on ‘Save’. Immediately after this, a confirmation message informing that the ‘Changes to the course have been saved successfully’ is displayed. Users need to refresh the page to view the course. So instructor will close this window, and will refresh the page once. Now let's see, how as an online instructor, you can enroll your students in a self-paced course. For that, lets go to ‘People’ tab.

You will see two options here. The first one is ‘Enroll new’  and second is ‘Share Course Link’. If instructor clicks on ‘Share Course Link’ they will see the URL which has been generated for this course. They may share it with an email or over any social networking websites, from where learners shall sign-up and get access to this course.

Another way of enrolling the students is that instructors click on ‘Enroll new’ and therein they will find three options.

The first option is ‘By Email’ where the instructor chooses to enroll a student with the name and email ID of the learner. Instructor will type the information here (in the blank space) and click on ‘Enroll’. Once this is done, that person will receive a notification informing that he has been enrolled in this course.

The second option is ‘From List’. If the users instructor wishes to enroll are already registered to the academy, then they can directly select them from the list displayed in this tab. As we keep on selecting people, they get added to this box. On the click of ‘Enroll’ they will get enrolled, and at the same time, they will be notified via an email of their successful enrollment.

The third option here is ‘Upload New List’. If you have a huge number of people whom you want to enroll, then you may simply use a CSV file.  Copy and paste the names and email ids, and once you are done, you must drag and drop the file here. You would have enrolled every one of the participants whose names and email ids are present in the CSV file, to the course.

For this course, we will do the enrollment using the ‘From List’ option. I will choose a few students and click on enroll. Immediately the screen will show a message that ‘6 learners enrolled in the course’.

I will now click on ‘Refresh Page,’ and see that all the users whom I have just enrolled in this course will get listed here. Corresponding to every learner they will be a completion percentage. Because these people have not yet started consuming the course, the completion percentage is 0. This screen will also give a (course) completion status, the date on which they enrolled, and ‘Enrollment Status’ as to whether they still exist in the course or if the instructor has removed them.

Now if you click on ‘Export CSV’ then the entire information which is visible to the instructor on this screen, will be downloaded  in the form of an excel sheet as well. So, the name of the user, email id, completion status, completion percentage, the date of enrollment, and the enrollment status will be available outside the application now.

These are the basic details which you can track for every user within a self-paced course. Let's go inside a course where people have already started accessing the online class so that you can see the competition percentages.

So, in this course, there are a list of people, the (course) completion percentages, and one student who has also completed the course successfully and the corresponding progress and percentage.

Thank you so much for watching this video tutorial.  I hope that this video will help you in editing the course,  enrolling the users into the course, and tracking their respective reports.

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